Canon presents a new 4k projector

Canon Europe has announced that its new models LX-MH502Z and the XEED 4K5020Z with interchangeable and specially designed 4K RS-SL07RST lenses will be present at ISE 2019, the largest audiovisual systems integration fair in the world and whose next edition will feature a special presence of 4k technology. During this event, Canon will present creative solutions for a wide range of projection installation environments, from compact spaces to large auditoriums. Based on Canon’s legacy in optical technology and unparalleled experience, the functions of this innovative line have an unsurpassed 4K resolution and will be exhibited at the show so that system integrators can test them first-hand.

Unrivaled optics

Within the different areas of the stand, Canon will display the native 4K technology with two 4K5020Z projectors, one with the new 4K lens RS-SL07RST on a 158 “screen and the second one on a 100” screen using the RS-SL06UW lens . Canon will also present attendees the UHD pixel shift technology in the LX-MH502Z and the XEED range, launched in 2018. With a long history of lens development, Canon will show the range of its projector lens range, including the new RS-SL07RST 4K model, manufactured with the same precision glass and the same quality as the world-renowned EF and RF lens ranges.

Colin Boyle, European Product Marketing Specialist at Canon Europe, comments: “Following the interest generated by our platform with the new chassis presented at ISE 2018, we are excited to present our most complete line of 4K models to date, which demonstrates our experience in image quality and optics. This year, system integrators will be able to test a wide range of projectors with different resolutions, brightness and efficiency, suitable for all types of installations. We know that many of them are increasingly looking for end-to-end solutions, so in this year’s ISE we will also show how Canon is best positioned across our range to satisfy this need for image capture. , including the EOS R and Cinema EOS C300 II *, and the exhibition products, up to the projection solutions. »

Projection in large venues

Visitors to the Canon booth can enjoy a never-before-seen display of Canon’s projection capabilities for large venues. This solution, the best of its kind, which will be announced shortly, will be suitable for public viewing, stadiums, auditoriums, holiday hotels and buildings projections, and will be presented for the first time in Europe at this fair.

Incredible images will be projected in UHD, captured with the Canon C700 FF, a primary production camera with the versatile CMOS Sensor Full Frame Sensor of 5.9K that visitors will be able to see with the impeccable image quality and resolution of the new projectors. K for large Canon enclosures. Attendees can also take a tour of the immersive exhibition of the stand, which uses multiple projectors for blending (combination of several projections) and mapping (projection on surfaces with reliefs). In these demonstrations, for which Canon will collaborate with several partners, the Japanese company will demonstrate how it can project high impact content, with great luminosity, even in ambient light conditions.

In favor of image quality

Among the improved features presented by this model, the incorporation of HDMI 2.0 connectivity stands out, which allows the homogeneous projection of 4K images by means of a single cable and favors a better speed, of 60 frames per second, which guarantees a smooth and seamless transmission of 4K video content. In addition, compatibility with HDCP 2.2 – the most up-to-date encryption technology for copyright protection – guarantees the possibility of projecting 4K content.

With a brightness of 5,000 lumens in the full zoom range, the high-definition LCOS panel (4,096 x 2,400) of the successor XEED 4K501ST also allows you to project content with a higher resolution than the 4K digital cinema. In addition, Canon’s AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) provides pure and intense colors, as well as faithful reproduction of black areas, with a higher contrast ratio to enjoy a much improved visual experience.

On the other hand, the lamp of this 4K projector for installations is covered by a Replacement Guarantee for 3 years, which effectively eliminates the replacement cost of the lamp during this period, substantially reducing the operating costs of the 4K501ST.

The XEED 4K501ST projector will go on sale from October 2016. Its price has not been confirmed yet.

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