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The new BMW i5 will have a range of up to 700 km

The new BMW i5 will have an autonomy of up to 700 kmThe BMW i5 will make its first appearance at the Frankfurt International Motor Show and will do so by announcing autonomy figures that will shake even the Tesla Model S and Model X. Like these American models, will have several versions with different scopes with a single load that will go from 500 to 700 kilometers.

The i5 is one of the four new 100% electric models that BMW has confirmed in the short or medium term. The other three will be the first electric series production Mini, an electric version of the BMW X3 and finally the one known to date as BMW iNext, which is confirmed as a model apart from the BMW i.

Although less than a week before its release there is still some mystery about what the BMW i5 will be like, it is expected to be a four-door sedan with room for five occupants. Further details were revealed by BMW's R & D chief, Klaus Fröhlich, who said that "the model i that we have planned to start selling in 2021 will incorporate our fifth generation battery, a step that will take us to the next level."...

The technology that will include the i5

This fifth generation electric battery system of the i5 has been conceived thanks to the new battery cells and electric motors, which according to Fröhlich represent "a great leap in energy density and autonomy" over the current BMW i3. In addition, the model will include autonomous driving of level 3 and 4, that is, similar to the one offered by Tesla. For total autonomous driving (level 5) the manager has set the year 2025 for his arrival to the models of the German brand.

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One doubt that has been cleared thanks to the statements of Klaus Fröhlich is that the i5 have nothing to do with the iNext. Something that was rumored for some time. "They are two completely different models", the iNext is designed to take the form of a future high-performance SUV, which in the future could be called the i7.

BMW will invest 200 million euros in the development of batteries and has an agreement with Toyota that goes beyond the development of Supra. The two brands have been working together to develop new batteries that allow them to adapt to a market that has been changing its direction towards electric mobility for some time.

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